Welcome to the #1 authority on the great American yard game, Polish Horseshoes (Beersbee). Whether you're new to the game or a savvy veteran, here you'll find all the information you need on gameplay, rules, and equipment.​

What is Polish Horseshoes?

It’s a clear, bright, warm day and you’re strolling along with a cold beverage in your hand. In the distance you hear music blasting, people cheering, and the distinct sound of bottles clinking. You’re intrigued...what fun is being had over there? And why am I not a part of it?

As you approach, you see a scantily-clad crowd laden with drinks-in-hand. Some are teamed up and throwing a disc at a bottle on top of a short pole. One team throws and hits the bottle. The other team tries to catch it but it hits the ground. People cheer. The throwing team celebrates. The other team grumbles. Everyone drinks.

What is this game, you ask? It’s called Polish Horseshoes. Or, more appropriately, Beersbee. Or Spanish Horseshoes, Frisbeer, and French Darts. All synonyms aside, it’s awesome and the only game you should be playing. Grab a partner and a cold one now!

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